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8 Healthy Resolutions for 2021

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8 Healthy Resolutions for 2021
Every year our family and friends are looking for a new start, but that seems especially true in 2021. While the new year has already come, it´s never too late to consider new habits and routines to make you and your family healthier and happier. Integrity Urgent Care knows each little step will help move you in the right direction.
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UTIs in Children: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment
As painful as a urinary tract infection can be for an adult, imagine having to feel that discomfort as a child or to be a parent working to figure out why their child is in pain or showing symptoms of sickness. Many of you have probably been in that situation, seeing as 8% of girls and 2% of boys experience at least one UTI, according to Yale Medicine. A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria from outside the body enters the bladder or urethra and causes irritation or infection. It is ...
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UTIs in Adults: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment
One of the most common infections faced by adults across the country is probably less talked about than it should be. Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are prevalent, accounting for 8.1 million visits to healthcare providers each year, according to urologyhealth.org. This infection, fortunately, is easy to diagnose, with a urinalysis, which means Integrity Urgent Care can help provide you with relief and care, right away.
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How to ACTUALLY Tackle Your New Year's Resolutions
Once Christmas Day has passed, many of us turn our thoughts to the new year and fresh starts. Whether you usually make resolutions for the New Year or not, here are a few ideas that may inspire you to think differently about them for the upcoming year. Setting goals and recognizing milestones helps us to view life mindfully, rather than just reacting to the “tyranny of the urgent” every day.
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