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Healthy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol
We have all seen the advertisements that feature food items being heart healthy and claims that their products can lower your cholesterol, but how valid and needed are these products to lowering your cholesterol? You may also be wondering if there are other ways you can reduce the negative impact of cholesterol in your life. Our Integrity Urgent Care team is interested in your health and helping you take steps every day to improve it. There are a number of steps you can take to lower your choles...
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Lower Cholesterol with these Foods

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Lower Cholesterol with these Foods
A nutritional and health term that is frequently thrown around a lot is cholesterol, but our medical teams at Integrity Urgent Care hear a lot of questions and have to clarify a lot of confusion surrounding the term. Essentially, while there is good cholesterol that your body needs, many of us have an excess of bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol can lead to many issues, including clogging arteries and decreasing heart function as well as damaging your liver. Fortunately, if you have been diag...
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