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Accident Prone: We Can Help with Holiday Injuries
While the holiday season may often be described and thought of as the most wonderful time of the year, it is also a time filled with the potential for accidents and injuries. In fact, some commonly seen medical issues see a large rise in frequency, simply because of the nature of how and when they occur, like falling off the roof due to putting up lights or cases of the flu because of when the flu is most prevalent. Integrity Urgent Care can treat many common issues and more, which of the follow...
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Diabetes in Children

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Diabetes in Children
Diabetes feels like a fairly common condition in our population, due to a number of factors. Diabetes in children however, seems less discussed and less understood. While less than 1% of the population in the United States has diabetes, the number of youths with this condition is growing at a drastic rate, making it something that needs to be part of the conversation in families, medical offices, and educational settings.
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FAQ: Flu Shots

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FAQ: Flu Shots
Our team at Integrity Urgent Care always stresses the importance of getting a flu shot. This year, getting your flu shot will be exceedingly important as it will help as we watch the changes in illnesses and their spread. This goes for COVID and other illnesses that emerge at this time of year. Understanding the importance of the community protecting themselves with a vaccine can be a step in the right direction.
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UTIs in Children: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment
As painful as a urinary tract infection can be for an adult, imagine having to feel that discomfort as a child or to be a parent working to figure out why their child is in pain or showing symptoms of sickness. Many of you have probably been in that situation, seeing as 8% of girls and 2% of boys experience at least one UTI, according to Yale Medicine. A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria from outside the body enters the bladder or urethra and causes irritation or infection. It is ...
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How to Know When to Ice, Heat, or Wrap
Injuries, especially minor injuries, are common in youth and even more common in youth athletics. While mom or dad is watching from the sidelines, there is a fair amount of activity that induces cringes, just as often as cheers. When your athlete does get injured, how do you determine what steps to take next? While Integrity Urgent Care is available to help you with the medical care your athlete needs, there are basic guidelines you can use on the court, field, or other location.
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UTIs in Adults: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment
One of the most common infections faced by adults across the country is probably less talked about than it should be. Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are prevalent, accounting for 8.1 million visits to healthcare providers each year, according to urologyhealth.org. This infection, fortunately, is easy to diagnose, with a urinalysis, which means Integrity Urgent Care can help provide you with relief and care, right away.
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Everything You Want to Know About Yeast Infections
Integrity Urgent Care is concerned about taking care of patients and all of their needs. While talking about sexual health and issues may sometimes feel taboo or uncomfortable, it is important to have a good understanding of all aspects of your health and to be able to speak with your medical care providers about any concerns you may have. A yeast infection can be a discomfort to anyone who has one and there are ways you can seek relief.
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Why and When to be Tested for COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 also known as COVID-19 may be one of the most common conversation points in recent memory. The information has been evolving and changing so rapidly, it is difficult to keep well informed on the topic. This has been challenging to the general public as well as to the healthcare community. The spread of this novel virus has been rapid, particularly in the heavily populated urban centers. However, at present there are few communities that have not had at least a few cases of COVID-19 id...
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The Unseen Effects of the Sun

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The Unseen Effects of the Sun
Bright and sunny days are ahead, and our team at Integrity Urgent Care loves seeing people enjoying the great outdoors. Armed with extra water, some healthy snacks, and a plan for exercise, play, or even relaxation, your local parks, front yard, sidewalks, or other outdoor spot can be a great place to spend time. It is important we remember than the sun can have damaging effects on our bodies and to be aware how to be careful under those bright rays.
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Mental Health: What to Look For

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Mental Health: What to Look For
Under the best circumstances, caring for and learning more about mental health is a good idea. Add in extra stressors, whether local, global, or both, and paying attention to fluctuations and changes in your mental health is imperative to staying healthy. Knowing some of the signs and concerns about different mental health issues and changes can assist in heading things off or getting the help you need to stay healthy.
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