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First Aid Handbook: Lacerations

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First Aid Handbook: Lacerations
We all get lacerations at one time or another. In fact, lacerations may be one of the most common injuries in the world. While we may not recommend coming in for a paper cut that feels like a bigger issue than it is, if you cut yourself while preparing your next big feast or have a hole in your foot where you stepped on that rusty nail you meant to avoid, Integrity Urgent Care is open to help you clean and treat your lacerations and other wounds.
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First Aid Handbook- Animal Bites

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First Aid Handbook- Animal Bites
Whether it is a little kid who is getting too close to someone’s pet or a gardening adult who accidentally puts their hand too close to a wild animal, we sometimes encounter creatures who would rather we stay further away. Instincts take over and these animals will defend themselves by clawing, scratching, and sometimes biting. Integrity Urgent Care sees a fair number of animal bites in our patient rooms and has tips on what to do if this happens to you.
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First Aid Handbook: Broken Bones

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First Aid Handbook: Broken Bones
Integrity Urgent Care knows there is never a convenient time to deal with an illness or injury. Even worse is not knowing if there is a real reason for you to come in or if your symptoms can be dealt with at home. Broken bones, or wondering if a sprain or injury is a broken bone, may be one of the most common concerns parents and family have after a fall or other accident occurs. Integrity is here to help you with every question you may have.
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Accident Prone: We Can Help with Holiday Injuries
While the holiday season may often be described and thought of as the most wonderful time of the year, it is also a time filled with the potential for accidents and injuries. In fact, some commonly seen medical issues see a large rise in frequency, simply because of the nature of how and when they occur, like falling off the roof due to putting up lights or cases of the flu because of when the flu is most prevalent. Integrity Urgent Care can treat many common issues and more, which of the follow...
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How to Know When to Ice, Heat, or Wrap
Injuries, especially minor injuries, are common in youth and even more common in youth athletics. While mom or dad is watching from the sidelines, there is a fair amount of activity that induces cringes, just as often as cheers. When your athlete does get injured, how do you determine what steps to take next? While Integrity Urgent Care is available to help you with the medical care your athlete needs, there are basic guidelines you can use on the court, field, or other location.
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Bug bites and Bee Stings and Poison Ivy, Oh My!
Looking on the sunny side of the times we are living in would be to acknowledge the number of families spending time outside, safely exploring parks, lounging in their backyards, and taking long walks together. With summer weather upon us, the time spent outdoors will come with a few ailments to look out for. Rather than deter our time outside, Integrity Urgent Care is ready to teach you how to be ready!
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First Aid Handbook: Holiday Decorating Injuries
Along with the extra hustle and bustle of the holidays comes an increased likelihood that injuries will occur. People are distracted, moving quickly, gathered together in closer quarters, and often times over caffeinated and loaded down with sugary treats. Integrity Urgent Care has a few ways to avoid some of the most common holiday injuries because, as much as we love our clients, we don’t want you to miss out on any time with family and friends!
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12 First Aid Tips for Common Injuries - Part One
While we cannot walk around handing out medical degrees to just anyone, we recognize the effort parents put into caring for their kids, becoming compressed versions of nurses, doctors, medics, and technicians all at once. Some parents, especially those of kids who are accident prone, exceptionally adventurous, or have special needs of differing types, become health experts. Even if you aren’t at that point yet, in this two part series a few tips and tricks are offered to help you care for your ...
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What to Do to Protect Your Child from Sports Injuries
Parents want to protect their children from harm as much as possible. Growing up is marked by rapid changes, high energy, and little minds that may not understand exactly how their bodies work. While some injuries in the years a child is growing up are inevitable, there are ways we can protect kids, especially in regards to playing sports.
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Under Attack: Return of the Mosquitoes
If you spend much time outdoors in the summer, you’ll probably agree that two of the most common sounds you hear are a little buzz in your ear followed by a SLAP! – usually on an arm or leg. Yes, summer also means mosquitoes and, depending on the year and where you live, they can be bad or worse than usual, but are hardly ever non-existent.
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