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First Aid Handbook: Food Allergies

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First Aid Handbook: Food Allergies
Buzz term or not, food allergies are very real and can have a huge impact on the lifestyle of ourselves, friends, and family. Food allergies can vary greatly, both in the types of foods you can be allergic to and how it effects your life. While those with allergies already diagnosed are usually well informed about the condition, the general population should learn more as our team at Integrity Urgent Care encounter this issue more frequently.
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Allergies, Common Cold, or COVID

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Allergies, Common Cold, or COVID
We are on the frontlines of helping our community learn about COVID-19 while also caring for other day-to-day needs. This is especially tricky when trying to determine if a patient is presenting with symptoms that may overlap a few different diagnoses. There are a few key differences with varying treatments you should know when thinking specifically about COVID-19, the common cold, and allergies.
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