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First Aid Handbook: Lacerations

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First Aid Handbook: Lacerations
We all get lacerations at one time or another. In fact, lacerations may be one of the most common injuries in the world. While we may not recommend coming in for a paper cut that feels like a bigger issue than it is, if you cut yourself while preparing your next big feast or have a hole in your foot where you stepped on that rusty nail you meant to avoid, Integrity Urgent Care is open to help you clean and treat your lacerations and other wounds.
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First Aid Handbook: STDs

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First Aid Handbook: STDs
Integrity Urgent Care sees all issues and concerns walking through the doors of their locations throughout Texas. Our primary concern is to help our patients and community live their healthiest lives. Sometimes that means treating different issues, like sexually transmitted diseases, that can be awkward or difficult to discuss. By coming in if you have questions and being open and honest with our medical team, we can help you be the healthiest version of yourself.
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When to Take a Pregnancy Test

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When to Take a Pregnancy Test
We all know the Hollywood signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Basically, if a female between the age of 15 and 50 throws up or feels nauseous, then they are pregnant. Real life is a bit different though and you may be wondering if you need to take an at home pregnancy test or not. Integrity Urgent Care has a few recommendations for when to take one and when to come see our medical team.
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