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Integrity Urgent Care Opens Two New College Station Locations
Integrity Urgent Care Acquires CapRock Urgent Care Locations at Century Square and Jones Crossing College Station, Texas – Today, Integrity Urgent Care announced the opening of two new locations in the Bryan/College Station (BCS) area through the acquisition of two existing CapRock Urgent Care facilities. Located in Century Square and Jones Crossing, the two new locations join Integrity’s existing Bryan branch located in the Physicians Centre on University Drive. This acquisition expands In...
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Worker’s Compensation Explained

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Worker’s Compensation Explained
Worker’s compensation, or workman’s comp as it is more commonly referred to, is a part of the language we use in a variety of discussions, jokes, and anecdotes. However, just because something is part of our language, doesn’t mean we understand what it is and how it impacts us. Integrity Urgent Care has a clear understanding of Worker’s Compensation and when it applies to the patients we see.
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First Aid Handbook: Skin Infection

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First Aid Handbook: Skin Infection
Infections, unfortunately, come in all shapes, sizes, and in parts of the body. While the skin’s function is to protect your body from infections, it can sometimes become infected itself. Skin infections can be some of the most common and are usually very visible for all to see. Our Integrity Urgent Care team sees skin infections on patients on a regular basis and can help treat you.
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Is Caffeine Good For Me?

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Is Caffeine Good For Me?
Whether we know it or not, many of us hold onto a vice that isn’t always the best for our health, including your team at Integrity Urgent Care. Individuals may choose to consume moderate amounts of alcohol and recognize the effects on their health, the same with larger portions or junk food. However, caffeine can be another part of your diet that needs to be regulated and monitored as you consume each day. Is monitoring your intake a sign that it is bad for your health though?
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