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First Aid Handbook: Bronchitis

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First Aid Handbook: Bronchitis
Our team at Integrity Urgent Care wants our communities to feel equipped with a good understanding of common ailments, injuries, and concerns so when they are feeling under the weather, they can begin to think about how to begin caring for themselves and when to come see us. This is especially true in cases of patients who have developed bronchitis and need our care.
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A Guide to Healthcare for Students

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A Guide to Healthcare for Students
Going to college, whether in your hometown or far away, is a time of learning for most students. This learning isn’t just held within the walls of the classroom or limited to the academic courses picked. Just as much learning has to do with navigating steps into the real world and healthcare is part of that. Integrity Urgent Care can help students with a great deal of their healthcare needs.
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Healthy Snacks for Hungry Teens

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Healthy Snacks for Hungry Teens
Kids, hunger, and snacking are words that seem to get grouped together a lot. You almost can’t plan an event for teens without thinking about some sort of snack, or several, to keep them going. That being said, how do you plan for snacking for your hungry teen, while keeping an eye on their overall health? Integrity Urgent Care has a few ideas to keep those bellies full.
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