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What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine
Almost a year has passed from a larger community awareness about COVID-19 and we all know, and have experienced, a lot more than we ever thought possible. In that year, several pharmaceutical companies raced to make a safe and effective vaccine to fight COVID in the general population. With larger numbers of the vaccine flooding the market, you may have questions from our team at Integrity Urgent Care about what to do next.
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How to Manage Stress

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How to Manage Stress
Relax. Take it easy. You need a break. Chill. Our society recognizes over scheduling, over worked, over tired, and over stressed as an issue, but these terms seem to be the best solutions that are breaking through the noise of managing the stress in our lives. Stress isn’t going anywhere, but how we manage it and how we talk about it can impact its effect on each of us. Integrity Urgent Care recognizes that we all have different triggers of stress and different levels of stress that can use pra...
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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy
February is a month known for hearts and love, but at Integrity Urgent Care, we like to think about American Heart Month and all the ways we can make our hearts, and our entire bodies, better. Even for those at high risk or already with heart disease, there are steps we can take to treat our heart right.
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