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First Aid Handbook: Steroid Shots

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First Aid Handbook: Steroid Shots
Medical professionals have a vast array of skills, techniques, and solutions to help the patients that walk through our clinic doors. Sometimes it is a puzzle to discover what is wrong with our patient and what the best treatment may be. Other times, we discover a new or better way to utilize and existing treatment in a new way. As we offer treatment plans, we may suggest giving you a steroid shot, depending on your needs.
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When You Should Get a Flu Shot

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When You Should Get a Flu Shot
​​​​​​​While a good portion of the news is focusing in on COVID Vaccines, there is another vaccine our team at Integrity Urgent Care wants to put on your mind as well. The flu shot is important for a number of reasons. There are a few factors that go into determining the best time to get yours.
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Integrity Urgent Care Opens China Spring Location
On November 1, 2021, Integrity Urgent Care announced the opening of a new location in Waco on China Spring Road. This acquisition expands Integrity’s footprint in the Lone Star state by establishing a total of nine locations in Texas. For day-to-day medical needs, Integrity Urgent Care-China Spring is available to serve the entire Waco community. Integrity’s welcoming atmosphere will provide patients with the care they need while saving them time and money.
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