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How to Perform CPR

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How to Perform CPR
CPR can be a valuable life saving tool for adults and children to have a working knowledge of what it is and how to perform the steps. When CPR is administered correctly, it allows time for medical professionals, usually in the form of EMTs to come and assist before transporting to a hospital setting. Our team at Integrity Urgent Care is committed to sharing as much information about CPR to our family, friends, and community as possible.
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COVID-19 & COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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COVID-19 & COVID-19 Antibody Testing
Integrity Urgent Care offers FDA approved COVID-19 and COVID-19 antibody testing at all of our urgent care locations. These tests are covered by most insurance plans and cash pay options are available. Integrity Urgent Care believes in delivering the best care possible. Due to increased demand in testing for COVID-19, all COVID-19 testing at our Bryan location is by appointment only and must be scheduled through our online check-in system.
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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
Spending time outside has more benefits than we can count and our team at Integrity loves to explore and relax in a variety of ways in the great outdoors. However, the sun can put a damper on that time and we don’t just mean the oppressive heat. We have all cringed, at a movie character or a person in real life, as we see them approach with a bright red line across their cheeks, over their shoulders, or at the shorts hemline near their knees. Is the outside good for you or only filled with pain...
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Get Your Back to School Physical

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Get Your Back to School Physical
Summer is here and while relaxation is on the calendar for many families, there are still a number of items on to do lists that will need to be checked off over the coming months. In addition to back to school clothing and supply shopping, fresh haircuts for the family, and planning a potential vacation, many school aged children will need to get their back to school physical at some point. Integrity Urgent Care is a great option for getting this done and out of the way.
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Why and When to be Tested for COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 also known as COVID-19 may be one of the most common conversation points in recent memory. The information has been evolving and changing so rapidly, it is difficult to keep well informed on the topic. This has been challenging to the general public as well as to the healthcare community. The spread of this novel virus has been rapid, particularly in the heavily populated urban centers. However, at present there are few communities that have not had at least a few cases of COVID-19 id...
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