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Flu Shots During a Pandemic

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Flu Shots During a Pandemic
The medical staff of Integrity Urgent Care always endorses getting your flu vaccination, at least for most of the population. This year, with so many changes in place due to COVID-19, we recommend getting your flu shot even more, as soon as possible. By protecting yourself against the flu, the next few months have a higher chance of going smoother in a number of ways.
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6 Tips for Handling Halloween with Diabetes
Halloween marks the beginning of a challenging time for all of us to eat well and make healthy food choices. With extra treats, gatherings, and favorite candies up for grabs, it can be even more difficult for those with diabetes to manage their health. With a few tips and tricks, Halloween can be fun to celebrate for everyone.
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First Aid Handbook: Colic

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First Aid Handbook: Colic
As if learning how to care for a new baby wasn’t hard enough, with recovery on top of everything else, some babies develop extra issues for mom, dad, or other caretakers to worry about. When baby is crying, fussy, and cannot be comforted by anyone, most will label this as colic. While some babies do develop colic, not every fussy baby is colicky, but there are ways to find out and solutions to consider.
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FAQ: Flu Shots

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FAQ: Flu Shots
Our team at Integrity Urgent Care always stresses the importance of getting a flu shot. This year, getting your flu shot will be exceedingly important as it will help as we watch the changes in illnesses and their spread. This goes for COVID and other illnesses that emerge at this time of year. Understanding the importance of the community protecting themselves with a vaccine can be a step in the right direction.
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