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12 First Aid Tips for Common Injuries - Part One
While we cannot walk around handing out medical degrees to just anyone, we recognize the effort parents put into caring for their kids, becoming compressed versions of nurses, doctors, medics, and technicians all at once. Some parents, especially those of kids who are accident prone, exceptionally adventurous, or have special needs of differing types, become health experts. Even if you aren’t at that point yet, in this two part series a few tips and tricks are offered to help you care for your ...
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Where to Go for 9 Common Health Emergencies
When parents decide to have kids, they take on a number of likely assumptions with that. They assume their time will be infringed upon, at least to some degree. They assume their budget will have some sort of redistribution that takes place. They understand they have a certain amount of responsibility for the child until they reach an age they can care for themselves. Along with these assumptions comes the prediction that, at some point, their child will have an injury or ailment. For some child...
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Healthcare Handbook: Pink Eye

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Healthcare Handbook: Pink Eye
You wake up in the morning, rub your eyes, stumble to the bathroom, and look into the mirror. Your sunny disposition quickly turns to worry as you squint your eyes and look closer. Your eyes are pink and you are unsure why. Integrity Urgent Care has the information you need about pink eye and whether you should be worried about this common ailment.
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Integrity Urgent Care Partners with S.H.I.N.E. Together
Weekends and holiday breaks from school are often reasons to celebrate for students across our area. However, for some students, this time off from school is marked by worry and frustration, not knowing if they will have access to the most basic need, food. Students across the country are fed breakfast and lunch during their school day, but that means there are large gaps in the week when there is nothing to eat at home. A student who is hungry has a difficult time learning, developing, and grow...
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First Aid Handbook: Abdominal Pain

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First Aid Handbook: Abdominal Pain
Abdominal pain is one of the most common, but most difficult to treat ailments in the United States. According to AbbVie, a pharmaceutical and research company, more than 72% of adults site experiencing abdominal pain a few times a month or more. Integrity Urgent Care is here to help provide information and guidance for the pain you may also have.
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