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When Allergies Become Too Much

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When Allergies Become Too Much
Here in Texas, many of us suffer from seasonal allergies to a variety of grasses, weeds, trees, and other plants as well as a host of other triggers. Texas is one of the worst states for allergies, so if you’ve moved to Texas from other parts of the country, you may find yourself developing allergies even if you’ve never had them before. Some have said, “If it doesn’t grow here, it blows here!” Many doctors believe that allergens are so prevalent because we rarely experience a harsh winter ...
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First Aid Handbook: Blood Pressure

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First Aid Handbook: Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is considered one of the “vital signs” which indicate how well your body is functioning. Vital signs are an integral part of a health check-up or medical appointment and are usually measured every time you visit a doctor’s office or emergency room. Vital signs include blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate.
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Integrity Urgent Care Press Release – Integrity Urgent Care Awarded “Best of the Brazos 2019” for Urgent Care
Integrity Urgent Care has been awarded “Best of the Brazos 2019” in the category of Urgent Care, selected from a field of six nominations. Steven Hull, COO, remarked, "Our number one goal is to deliver the best urgent care experience possible, so being recognized as the Best of the Brazos urgent care is a huge honor for our team. We love being a part of the Bryan/College Station community and [we] really appreciate our amazing patients.”
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Back to School Checklist

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Back to School Checklist
Did we say, “back to school”?! Those lazy, hazy days of summer are about to turn into school days again now that the calendar has been turned to August, even though the temperatures will feel like summer for a while longer. Here’s our checklist of things to do to make sure your kids – from preschool to college – are at their best and ready to learn this year.
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The Dangers of Dehydration

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The Dangers of Dehydration
Everyone loves spending more time outdoors in the summer whether you’re taking a vacation at the beach, spending a few hours at a nearby pool, or just enjoying the longer hours of daylight and a more relaxed schedule. Previous blogs have discussed potential concerns related to sun exposure and heat-related illness; this blog will discuss dehydration.
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