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How Much Sleep Do YOU Need?

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How Much Sleep Do YOU Need?
There used to be a vignette on Sesame Street called “Everybody Sleeps.” It featured many different types of animals and people of different ages – all sleeping. It’s true – everyone does sleep – but how much sleep do you really need? Does the need decrease with age?
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Women's Health Through Every Age and Stage
“The foundation of good health is the same no matter your age!” Our last blog focused on simple ways everyone can improve their health, but now we focus on the health of women. For many women, taking care of themselves becomes an afterthought. They spend time and energy taking care of everyone and everything at every phase of life – children, spouses, parents, coworkers, even pets – everyone but themselves. Women need to be reminded of the need to also care for themselves.
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World Health Day, April 7

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World Health Day, April 7
World Health Day is a global awareness day celebrated around the world on April 7th to draw attention to issues of major importance to global health each year. The date of April 7 coincides with the first World Health Assembly on April 7, 1948. WHO global health campaigns focus on some of the “biggies” facing individuals and nations around the world, including immunization, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, hepatitis, mental health, creating safer cities’ food safety, and more.
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